Adonai Welding Technology

Our Products of Gas Stoves are very quality and Long-Lasting Product that you will need them for Domestics use or for sales. Even though we are already have Buyers for these

products, how ever, we need an equipment and more Materials that will help us to produce them more.
It will help a lot to make more impact in our Communities! Are you a Grant Provider Organization or Company that Provide grant for Social drive, to Support United Nation Sustainable and Community Development goal? Please Contact Our Organization ( Compassion Soul Winners Outreach International)

About Us

About Us
Get all  your   quality welding and   Teleology services  and  Products  here  now!

With over   20  years  for   more experience  of  Welding  Technology  and fabrication. We can  Combined Solid material which has been sintered, especially a mixture of iron ore and other materials prepared for smelting  to  Manufacture  Product and  Metal  works.  Such  as  the  following:  Square Pipes,  Steel,  Sheets, Steel Pipes,  Gas Cylinders,  Gas, Burners, Electrodes, Oil  Paints,  Rim Stoves  Renovators  Ect.

Adonai Welding Technology has been providing general welding,technology and Fabrication to C operate Organizations, Companies Churches and individuals.

We specialized at the following:
Burglar Proof
Entrance Gate
Diff-rents Kinds of Canopies.
Gas Stove
metal trusses Ect.

Our Vision:
To be the most efficient and preferred Welding technology and Fabrication Facility Company in Ghanaian Society and beyond.

Mission   & Goals

(1}    The Adonai Welding Technology and Fabrication Company provides our community of clients with high-quality welding and Fabrication projects and Products  in affordable.

As well as provide welding technology and Fabrication skills for youth who are mostly in need to empower them and state-of- Skills training in techniques leading toward an Associate of Applied knowledge and outcome-based skills necessary to gain employment opportunities for Free. 

(2)    To Support Genuine Charity Organizations  and Churches to Spread the word and also to help the Needy Children and their Families.

Competitive edge: 

-Modern Machinery and Equipment.
-The Strength of our Competent and Skills work force
-Ability to work 24/7 with our well Organized program to meet tight Schedules.
-Employees have to be the core values of team work professionalism excreting executing all projects.
- Team of expect, advisers, who have the requisite skills and knowledge in fashioning out custom made solution to any situation.

Our Clients :

Pronet Company Lmt
Methodist Church
Gee Engineering
Technical Services.
Presbyterian Secondary Technical Ect.

Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation
By His Grace Chapel, Ect.

We seek to partner with an International Investors, Lending Companies ,
who believes in Sustainable and Community Development that may love to help us with Funding for an equipment's and Steel Materials.
We have a lot to do but at the moment we are lacking Metal works resources.

Please if you would love to Partner with us please contact  us on the website.

Our Services

Welding Technology and Fabrication

We Provide High quality Services to our Clients, as well as Manicured high quality Products .

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Our Company provide important services to a wide variety of industries. We can rectify a host of situations commonly found on construction sites and in the completion of projects related to metal.

While having knowledge is certainly an important part of our operation, a welding and fabrication. It is very important for Companies, Industries, Churches, Organizations, Government Officials, Groups and Individuals to connect with us for our Metal works and Fabrication services needed!

We have got an experience, such as working on Canopies, bridge infrastructure or construction equipment. Focus on any niche aspects of your welding and fabrication services needed.++

The Team

Mr. Kofi Vifah


Mr. Kofi Vifah is the Founder and President of Adonai Welding Technology and the Head Pastor of By his grace Chapel. He and his Team Partner with Unique Compassion Soul Wining Foundation, Compassion Soul Wining Outreach International and their Network.

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Henry Kwbena Yerenktyi

Welder and Driver

Henry Kwabena Yerenkyi is the Team member

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Gideon Azumah

Team member.

Gideon Azumah is a Senior Trainee.

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Contact Us

  • New Ashongman Narhman, Adjacent W. Filing Station.
  • P.0.BOX CT 2989, Cantonment Accra. Ghana